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Customer Feedback

"Rhonda is a fabulous massage therapist with a beautiful soul. You are missing out on a wonderful experience if you don't schedule a massage with her!"  Theresa ~ April 5, 2017   Verified


"Rhonda has a magic touch and accompanied me to a lilting and blissful experience! This massage was definitely one of the best I ever enjoyed!"  Saundra P.   March 6, 2017  


"wonderful!"  Alicia T. · February 7, 2017 


"very professional. one of the best massages I have ever had."  Shannon B. · February 3, 2017


“I always feel so relaxed and calm after a massage by Rhonda. Just the right pressure that I need to get the tension out.”  Sandy G.  August 17, 2016


 “Loved everything about my massage, and appreciated Rhonda taking her time. I feel so much better. Will definitely be back.”  (Anonymous) April 14, 2015


“Rhonda is very professional and personable. She completes a full medical profile before your first session. The atmosphere is very zen and relaxing, including salt lamps, fountains, relaxing music, and fluffy robes! This is by far the best massage I've experienced and I was very comfortable with Rhonda. I suffer from chronic pain, neuropathy, lupus, etc and my input was encouraged. A++++”   Barbara C.   November 24, 2016


“She was so kind and caring. The massage was excellent.”   Crystal W.  November 04, 2016


 “I enjoyed my massage.”  Tim P.  November 3, 2016


“Rhonda was very professional and talented. She reviewed my concerns in advance and addressed every issue. Great service!”  Penny T. · August 26, 2016


“Rhonda was awesome. I will go back.”   Linda M.  August 15, 2016


“Very thorough and professional. I left feeling satisfied and relaxed.”   Stephanie M. · August 14, 2016    


“The massage was wonderful. Rhonda took extra time to cater the massage to my needs and condition. I will definitely be returning!”  Jennifer T. · August 13, 2016


"Rhonda's Presence is very calming in itself and her long smooth style at massage felt very therapeutic.  I felt extremely relaxed afterward without anything that was painful during the massage."   ~ Mary ~


  "Rhonda is a skilled, attentive, and considerate professional. She helped me a few years ago with a nagging back and muscle related pain, for which I immediately felt results, and could function again without a problem. Rhonda offered additional insight how to more effectively manage my situation, for which I've remained grateful and would heartily recommend her services to anyone not only seeking corrective treatment, but also to just feel better, about their life and about themselves!!"   ~ Jim B.   ~ Sugar Creek, Missouri


"I have known Rhonda since 2008 and have always found her to be a dedicated and professional Therapist. When I had an injury to my neck and shoulder in March of 2011, I was having trouble with the mobility of my neck, and right shoulder. This made it difficult to accomplish things with my right arm. After being treated for my condition by Rhonda using both massage, and several other techniques, I found I was able to regain the use of my right arm, shoulder; and the mobility of my neck was back to normal.  I have witnessed her technique change other peoples lives for the better as well so I would recommend her services to anyone! Thanks Again Rhonda!"  ~ Frank L.  ~ Calgary, Alberta, Canada


“Hi Rhonda,

 I want to thank you again for the time you spent on me the other day!  Thank you.  It was more like an event than a massage:)  I feel generally better by the day.  This includes my whole person.  When you were on my right hand I saw you on the right side of my skull as an indigo spot w/a smaller indigo spot for your head.  That technique is named appropriately.  When you were working on my feet, the light in my mind’s eye was brilliant white.  It was creeping in past my eye pillow.  You were definitely doing more than muscle manipulation, it was an amazing experience!!”   ~ Tim G ~


"I have gifted myself many massages in many different locations around the nation from $35 Groupon to $350 for 2 man / 4 handed bliss allowance in a high end spa & Rhonda's technique is a feeling I have only experienced in hypnosis & deep meditation.  It was the most sensual non-sexual experience I have ever had the pleasure of having."   ~ Jodie ~



I want to say thank you to everyone I have the privilege of working with.  Sharing your stories is a great encouragement to me and I always appreciate sharing your feedback!  

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