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Services and Rates

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Quantum Blu Massage:

     Profound Relaxation to Soothe and Restore Your Body,     Ease Your Mind, and Unleash Your Spirit.

   $45 ~ 30 Minutes

   $75 ~ 60 Minutes

   $115 ~ 90 Minutes

$150 ~ 2 Hours

Add-On Services:
Quantum Blu Clearing & Brain Balance = $30
Hot Towel Treatment  = $10
Hot Towels & Magnesium Treatment = $15
Add 15 minutes = $20
Add 30 minutes = $35

Reflexology = $45

Quantum Blu Energy Therapy = $125


 Treat the Feet: 30 or 45 minutes

A detailed 30 minute foot massage including reflexology and essential oils such as rosemary, lemongrass, balsam fir or cedar. Add lower leg for a 45 minute treat!

 Tension Tamer: 30 or 45 minutes

A stress reducing head, neck, and shoulders massage with targeted back treatment and soothing essential oils such as rosemary or cedar.  

Since 1993, I've successfully coached clients on a variety of lifestyle topics for radiant health ~ and it may not be what you think!! Looking at food choices and cravings as well as learning to relax, allows us to listen and interpret the body's needs.  Then we begin to conquer chronic and acute health concerns including anxiety, diabetes, cancer, and more.
In addition to massage, I can help you learn to understand your needs and what kneads (pun intended) benefit you most.  In my experience, massage is an important part of radiant health. 

Every BODY is unique and has different needs. Sometimes it takes baby steps to climb a mountain! 

$45 ~ 30 Minutes

   $75 ~ 60 Minutes

   $115 ~ 90 Minutes

$150 ~ 2 Hours

See Specials & Packages tab at the left for Wellness Plans and Package Specials

Prepaid Series of 3 or more massages, offer up to 20% savings for clients who are committed to regular self-care and enjoy the benefits of regular massage. 

When you're ready to commit to caring for yourself, I offer special pricing for clients to have regular appointments with Wellness & Family Plans that save 10% - 20%. 

A Wellness Plan is designed so you may fit your commitment into your busy life.  Family Plans help ensure your whole family enjoys a healthier lifestyle too! 



Every therapist develops their own unique style.  Please note that my massage style is gentle and nurturing.  My life motto is "If it hurts don't do it!"  Deep tension may release without traumatizing the muscles.  Once you achieve a state of deep relaxation, I can easily work with the deeper tissues.  Although most see the results right away, it may take several frequent session.  If you prefer a painful deep tissue massage “…with as much pressure as you can give…,” I’m not your type of therapist! 

By infusing Energy Arts with Massage, my unique style has immediate and long lasting results that continue to unfold for days after your massage.  Most clients report feeling better immediately and continues without the soreness and pain usually associated with deep tissue work. 

To answer the frequent question, "Don't you feel drained after a session?" - No, actually I feel more vital.  As a Healing Arts Master, I am not the do-er, I simply allow the flow of an infinite supply of universal energy through me.  It’s ultimately up to you to choose what to accept or reject for your healing. This process does not affect my personal supply of energy.  You too will feel relaxed but not "drained."

 Aromatherapy Massage uses essential oils derived from plants to affect your mood and alleviate pain.

 Esalen Massage is set apart because it reflects an attitude that the mind-body-spirit-heart connection is vital to wholeness and radiant health.  Massage and other healing arts are an integral part of a transformational journey.  Connecting deeply, nurturing you with whole-hearted presence and detailed attention with sensual long flowing strokes over your full body, restores you feeling wholly integrated and deeply relaxed, in your natural state of healing and well-being. The slow, deep muscle work gently releases everyday stress and stills the mind.

 Blue Body® belongs to the fourth plane of existence, the bridge consciousness, and the ultraviolet frequency band.  The Blue Body is an advanced discipline to lift conscious awareness to the fourth plane and stimulate the fourth seal for the purpose of healing or changing the physical body.  This healing art requires a resonant frequency of ultraviolet blue or higher be maintained continually throughout the session while the dis-ease is dissolved and body/mind is reformed radiantly healthy.

Chair Massage If you don't have much time and need focus on neck, shoulders, back, hands and arms then a quick Chair Massage may be just the fix.  If you have difficulty lying down, then Chair Massage could be an ideal alternative. This service is unavailable at this time.

CoreStar is a subtle energy art of advanced ability that works with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies with expanded and refined high sense perceptions of the astral level. Multi-sensory skills are fundamentally necessary to provide coaching and guidance on the healing process and travel into the core questions of your own healing.

Couples Massage  Imagine being in the same luxurious room with your partner while you both enjoy profoundly relaxing massage! As the soft aromatherapy gently eases your mind, your skin will be soothed with pure organic and natural oils and your body nurtured with gentle caring massage.  *Add a gift of flowers, chocolates or other specialty, etc. for an additional fee.

 CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, noninvasive practice that deals with the movement of the fluid surrounding the skull and spine.  It eases the restrictions of nerve passages by focusing on the membranes that encase the central nervous system and seeks to restore misaligned bones to their proper position. 

 Deep Tissue Massage is designed to release tension in the deeper muscle layers.  Traditionally, it uses strokes across the grain of the muscles, more intense movements and techniques such as deep finger pressure.  Most techniques are uncomfortable and cause soreness with bruising that lasts a couple of days before resulting in pain relief.   My Gentle Deep Tissue is different.  I work to relax the whole body with gentle and nurturing strokes, slowly moving deeper and releasing tension without traumatizing the muscles to release.  Most clients report feeling better immediately and continues without the soreness and pain usually associated with deep tissue work.  My method takes a little more time so longer appointments are preferred.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient oriental art of harmonizing life energy within the body.  Said to predate Buddha and Moses, it’s literally defined as,“The Art of the Creator expressed through knowing and compassionate man.”

 I use a sequence of hand placements, appropriate for unblocking your particular pathways and restoring your energy rhythm with the universe.  The flow, also referred to as safety energy locks, stimulates circulation of energy along a given pathway.  Each pathway has a distinct function or essence.  There’s only minimal pressure and no actual physical manipulation.  Hands are merely like jumper cables contacting the 26 safety energy locks to redirect, or unblock your energy.

 Reflexology focuses on a system of points in the hands and feet that correspond or “reflex” to specific areas or organs of the body. Endorphins are also released throughout the entire body, reducing stress and returning the body to equilibrium.

Reiki is a subtle energy art that restores health, physical harmony, and emotional balance with deeper spiritual connection to yourself and others.  Originating in Japan, the word Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy that animates all living things.

 Reiki flows through my hands and into your body, then goes exactly where it's needed to break up and dissolve negative thoughts or feelings that are stuck in the unconscious mind/body. The mind exists throughout your body and your nervous system, goes to every organ and tissue, then extends outside the body in a subtle energy field 2 to 3 feet thick sometimes called the aura. Reiki feels like a wonderful glowing radiance flowing through and surrounding you.

 Swedish Massage therapeutically relaxes the entire body with long gliding strokes, circular pressure, kneading, percussion, bending and stretching.  Lubricants are often used to reduce friction and stimulate the skin and increase the level of oxygen in the blood, improve circulation, mental clarity, and flexibility while easing tension.

 Thai Yoga Bodywork (Lotus Palm style) combines gentle, yoga-like stretching with massage of the muscles, tendons, pressure points and generally follows the Sen lines (or Chinese Meridians).  Thai Yoga Massage is best done on a mat on the floor as opposed to a massage table to get the body leverage necessary for the stretches and typical postures.  I lean on your body to apply firm rhythmic pressure with my hands, legs, feet, elbows, and knees.

 Since you wear, comfortable clothes, oil is not applied.  However; some postures are easily integrated into my intuitive Esalen style table massage.  A full Thai Yoga Massage generally lasts 90 minutes to 3 hours and may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, walking on your back, and arching you into cobra position.

 Twilight® is a practice to put the body in a catatonic state similar to deep sleep, yet retaining conscious awareness in order to access deep subconscious, repair the physical body, change undesirable or no longer needed patterns of thinking and behavior, and induce lucid dreaming or out-of-body experiences.

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