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CONSCIOUS CARE® - A New Concept in Wellness!!

Imagine a flexible plan where you can use your time for sessions that suite your changing needs and busy schedule.  You already know how healthy you feel with regular massage.  Sometimes you want the luxury of 2 full hours while other times you just need a 30-minute Touch up - but your "package" is for 90-minute sessions and you don't like to buy more time when you still have 3 sessions to go.  This is what Conscious Care is all about!  You get to choose what fits your needs and schedule to enjoy regular massage and savings! 


Discover Wellness with Regular Massage

Experience the sublime wellness that regular massage with an expert therapist can provide. Enjoy better health with your Personal Wellness Plan and create a Family Plan to share so everyone in your home may benefit.

 Choose Your Wellness or Family Plan Now!

• Plans with 2 or more may be shared with family members.
• Schedule or re-schedule at your convenience.
• Easy monthly payments.
• Purchase gift cards and more massage at your monthly rate.
• Consider integrating with coaching or workshops.
• Unused services carry over for one month.
• May occasionally be shared as a gift certificate.
• 5 month minimum participation.

Not sure if a Wellness Plan is right for you? Call for a free consultation to see if Family Wellness is a good fit.     


Prepaid Packages

Enjoy your wellness commitment at the most cost efficient rate with prepaid Packages that you may want to share! 

 Since I resumed getting weekly massage a few months ago, I experience so many benefits beyond pain relief and I'd forgotten what they were! I realized how important it is to my wellness on many levels. Wanting to share with everyone I know, I came up with "Wellness Plans" and "Client Rewards" cards in as well as  "Packages."  In addition to stress relief, improved sleep and immune system, there's too many benefits to list now, so you can see more on my web site here. Benefits of Massage


Gift Certificates Available

Buy elegant gift certificates individually at my standard rate or choose packages and save up to 20%.  You may give them to one special somebody or share them with your family and friends.  Extra time may be added when redeeming, for an additional fee. 

Reflexology or 30 Minute Massage = $45 

Treat yourself to 30 minute massage OR Reflexology packages.

Chair Massage 20 min = $30

If you don't have much time and need focus on neck, shoulders, back, hands and arms then a quick Chair Massage may be just the fix.  If you have difficulty lying down then Chair Massage could be an ideal alternative. (longer sessions available by request)

Intuitive Healing Arts = $125

Clear, energize, and enhance natural healing mechanisms by working with the body’s energy flow to stimulate organs, relieve pain and increase relaxation.  Based on Chinese Meridian, Reflexology and the Chakra system.  It's especially useful for those too tender to touch and is performed fully clothed and mostly hands off.



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