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April 27, 2018

OPEN NOW - at new office!!

April 19, 2018

YEAH!  Inspections setup for Tuesday, April 24!  Hopefully door will be installed by then!


April 15, 2018

Well, We're still waiting for the door.  It's a little larger than standard doors and needed to be a solid core, so it was a special order.  They said all the efforts and materials are going to Hurricane Harvey area and production should have been shipped.  The landlord said they don't have an estimated time for delivery, so I'm kinda in limbo. 


My sincere apologies for this taking so long.  I miss everyone and my work so very much!  I can hardly wait to get back in that blissful state of healing with you!  Everyone at Summit Strength is excited for me to get going too.  So as soon as the door arrives, I'll get inspected and good to go!


Thank you all so much for your continued patience!!


Consciously Caring


March 23,2018

Signed the lease today!!  I'll be in a 2 office corner suite with Summit Strength Physical Therapy, LLC. at 800 NW Main Street, Suite 108.  Less than a mile from my old space in Lee's Landing.  The front office in my suite has an open doorway that they had to order a custom door for and they said it takes 28 days to get here. (long story)  The massage room has a locking door.  So initially I'll probably hang some drapes or something until the door arrives.  any ideas here??? let me know! 


They're making some other modifications and painting and I should be able to move in next week sometime, and they'll install the outer door as soon as it arrives.  Once I'm setup, I'll still need to pass state inspections before I can practice, but it should go fairly quickly.


There is going to be limited access - only during Summit Strength's normal business hours, which never has weekends or Friday evenings.  I'm still planning to accommodate all of you within their schedule.   The landlord's being very flexible with the lease to make sure it's going to be a good fit and hopefully as synergistic as we think for both our clients and businesses.


The loss of my sister's been very hard and some days I simply don't handle it well, but I'm getting much better, knowing she's out of pain and in a better place.  Mom and Dad are struggling with it and it's showing in their health.  Dad's not doing so good.  I think he's having anxiety attacks the past couple weeks because I hear him up all most all night because he can't sleep and having great difficulty breathing, even with the oxygen and nebulizer, etc.  He's remembering that Dawn's passed now so we don't have to explain it all the time.  He's even left the door to her room open the past week (that's a good thing)  Mom's doing better than Dad although the chemo makes her bones hurt so much, she can't walk some days.  I'm grateful they're here and working on getting some home care now.


I'm so very grateful for all your patience and understanding. I'm so excited to share my new office with you!


Consciously Caring,



March 11, 2018

Narrowed it down to 2 locations from the dozens I've seen.  They all seem to have drawbacks.  I just really loved my space in Lee's Landing and Bill was the best landlord! very high standard to meet.


  I'll be signing a lease this week!!  Everything has to be setup before the State massage board comes to inspect and approve me to work.  If things go smooth, I'll be running again by April 1!! Fingers crossed!!


Thank you for your patience! ~ Rhonda

February 28, 2018

My sister Dawn, passed Sunday, February 25 at 2a.m.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in liver pancreas and other organs on January 22, when I took her to emergency room.  She stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks and I stayed with her every minute I could.  She finally got to come home with hospice on February 13 and loved having all the family around her every day.  I was so grateful I got to be the one there, just her and me, to hold her hand while she fought and struggled for every last breath.  So finally after over 15 years, she's out of pain.  It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do and I have to admit, I'm not handling it too well. 

Dad (Alzheimer's) keeps demanding to go to the hospital to see her but I think it finally set in yesterday at a special viewing just for Mom and Dad.   On the way home he asked "did we leave one of our kids somewhere?" and "who's going to be home when we get there?"  Everytime we have to explain it, he grieves like the first time.  Last night, he went to Dawn's room and closed the door.  (He always likes all the doors open) So I think it's sinking in. 

Mom's doing ok, but the greif is wreaking havoc with her diabetes and she's showing signs of alzheimers too.  Her father died from the same cancer years ago, and she was the one in her family that was there to help him pass.  He had a drain so she didn't have to watch him drown in his own fluids.  I wish Dawn's passing would have been peaceful, but she was a fighter and the nurses said there was nothing else they could do.  The last 4 hours was the hardest fight of all and I'm glad I was there with her.

I've been looking at other office spaces but haven't found the right one yet.  I have a couple good prospects to look at this week still, so I'm hopeful.  I'll let you know as soon as I'm setup and running again!

Thank you for all your patience and support through this challenging year!

Consciously Caring,  Rhonda


February 1, 2018

It’s with great disappointment that I have to announce that the new location didn't work out.  The space and people are all wonderful, but we were unable to muffle the chiropractor’s table directly above it.

So I’m searching for another location and will be settled as soon as possible.  If you’ve already scheduled, you’ll still get that promotion in my new location - aiming for March! 

Another personal challenge came up as I was moving.  Dawn, my sister, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her liver and pancreas.  It’s inoperable and she’s too sick for chemo, so she’s pursuing natural remedies.  She was finally stable enough to come home yesterday with hospice after over 3 weeks in the hospital.  She’ll still be able to get more blood transfusions and things that will help her quality of life goals.  It’s going to take about a week to get the nurses and routines setup. 

Again, I thank you for your patience and I’ll let you know as soon as I’m settled in a new office.


Consciously Caring,



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