Rhonda Durham, LMT
Conscious Care: Healing Arts since 1993

Holistic Health Coaching


Healthy Holistic Transformation is all about you!

It does NOT have to be hard!!  I’ve been coaching clients privately since 1993 as well as offering workshops and private training for holistic healing and healthy lifestyles. The core of my work is to help you realize your dreams and find your passion to joyfully engage your transformation.

Choose the components that best suits the outcome you desire from several coaching and healing arts combinations.  If you want assistance with your own program, I can do that too.


Platinum Packages are personalized programs designed to fit your schedule and transformation goals.

Enjoy a blend of massage, healing arts and coaching with unequaled 1–to–1 support for your specific goals.  These unique programs are for clients dedicated to transformation and ready to initiate new quantum paradigms that delightfully engage the power of your mystical mind.


 The Alchemy of Radiant Health

We’ll clearly define your ideal of “Radiant Health” then initiate your personal alchemy for healthy living.  You’ll cultivate loving and nourishing your body, mind and spirit with Exercises of Empowerment in Nutrition, Relaxation, Gentle Exercise, Rest, Reflection, and Loving Yourself Into Life.


Quantum Shifts in Mind and Body

We’ll examine how your current paradigm affects you.  You will learn to initiate the power of your mystical mind to create health and well-being.  Observe how profound a subtle quantum shift impacts reality.  Your Exercises of Empowerment are in Awareness, Focus, Acceptance, Reflection/Meditation, and Empowering Will.


Reflections Beyond the Mirror

We’ll observe how your thoughts are reflected in the world and seek beyond the mirror of your body.  As we explore 7 Essene Mirrors, learn through ancient wisdom, to consciously shift personal reality and create any quantum potential your mystical mind can imagine.  Your Exercises of Empowerment are in Awareness, Detached Observation, Acceptance, Reflection/Meditation, Calm in Chaos, and Empowering Will.


If you’d like to learn more about Coaching or Platinum Packages, please call or email me and I'll be happy to discuss program options.